Tanning Tips

We take pride in our salon and would like to help you achieve your best tan ever. We have multiply ways to purchase tanning, taking into account your tanning needs, so you can be assured optimal value with each visit.

  • Each tanning unit is in a completely private room behind a locked door.
  • Plan a 5 to 10 session schedule consecutively to build a dark tan base. 1 to 3 sessions a week thereafter will maintain you tan all year a round if you so desire.
  • People with lighter complexions who burn very easily in the sun may want to start with every other day. Sunbathe moderately but regularly.
  • You must wear eye protection in the tanning units. Your eyes do not have protection from the UV light that your skin has, they are too thin. We provide eye wear for you or may purchase your own.
  • You may want to remove all make-up before tanning. It can cause uneven tanning and some cosmetics can cause a skin reaction.
  • Certain medications can cause skin reactions. If you are on medication please call your doctor or pharmacist and inquire about photosensitivity before using any tanning equipment.
  • Although there are no known health risks to your unborn baby, if you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before tanning.
  • For your child's safety, children are welcome if they sit quietly in the waiting area. Otherwise, supervision by a responsible person is required. They are not aloud to go in the tanning rooms with you.

What is the key to a great tan?

You're Skin! As you know, your skin is the body's largest organ. It needs to be cared for and nourished to maintain its protective qualities. Indoor tanning lotions are formulated to maximize the skin's absorption of ultraviolet light, while retaining the moisture in your skin. The more moist your skin is the better tan your will achieve and maintain.

Only specifically formulated tanning lotion products are allowed in the tanning beds. Other products formulated for outdoor tanning may be ineffective in the beds and will damage the acrylic sheets. Show Me the Tan carriers the nation's best tanning and skin care products because we understand and stress the importance of lotion use for developing a great tan and keeping your skin healthy.

Lotions specifically developed for indoor tanning feed nutrients to your skin that help encourage the tanning process, like tyrosine, on e of the amino acids necessary for the productions of melanin, antioxidants to fight free radicals, vitamins to keep your skin in peak condition and anti-aging and firming complexes to keep it looking young.

The maximum benefit of lotions is to help you achieve a darker tan in fewer tanning visits, saving you time and money, and to keep your tan lasting as long as possible.

There are two types of lotions to be familiar with: Pre-tan and post tan. Pre-tan are lotions applied right before uv exposure and post-tans are lotion used after exposure and/or as a daily moisturizer. Please see one of our sales associates to help you pick out both a pre-tan and post tan regiment.

Keep In Mind ...

Your skin is exposed to the wind, sun, heat, cold & water, all of which dry your skin. Dry skin tends to reflect UV-light, thus decreasing your tanning potential. The more moist your skin is the better tan you will achieve.

Tanning Plateau
After tanning for a while, you may reach a point where you hit a tanning plateau and don't seem to get any darker. That is why we offer equipment with different outputs and features and a wide range of lotion. If this happens please speak with one of our sales associates and they can help you with your tanning needs.

It is a state law to allow 24 hours between tanning sessions. Tanning professionals recommend waiting 48-72 hours, the time necessary for your skin to recover from UV exposure, and create melanin a tan.

Cover your eyes, lips and tattoos. UV light is harmful to your eyes because they are too thin. Lips cannot produce melanin therefore they can not tan. Cover your tattoos so they can not fade.

Age Requirements
A person who is less than sixteen years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while the child is using a sunlamp product . A person who is less than eighteen years of age may not use a sunlamp product unless the parent or guardian of the person has also signed a consent form. These are state guidelines and we follow all of them.